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AICBRN — The All-Island Climate & Biodiversity Research Network

This network brings together researchers across climate and biodiversity disciplines in Ireland.

Our Foundation has funded a gap study by AICBRN to analyse climate change and biodiversity research from institutions across the island of Ireland, and to assess the gaps in the research infrastructure going forward. Click here to view the report.

Association of Ukrainians in Ireland

The Association of Ukrainians in Ireland focuses on providing humanitarian supports to Ukrainians in Ireland and Ukraine as well as facilitating the integration of Ukrainians into Irish society.

Foundation funding was used to support the organisation in establishing a network of civil society organisations to respond to the needs of Ukrainian migrants, arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and to provide crisis supports.

Burrenbeo Trust

Originally established in 2008 to create greater appreciation for the Burren landscape, the Burrenbeo Trust charity is now dedicated to connecting all of us to our places and our role in caring for our environment and heritage.

Our funding will assist the charity to build on its work to ensure the conservation of the Burren as a living landscape, to promote its place-based learning programmes across Ireland and to advocate for natural and cultural heritage.

Irish Emergency Alliance

The Irish Emergency Alliance brings together seven leading Irish humanitarian agencies to raise funds and pool resources when an international emergency strikes.

Our Foundation has provided funds to the Alliance to respond to acute emergencies arising from the Turkey-Syria Earthquake and to the Horn of Africa drought.

Irish Refugee Council

The Irish Refugee Council provides support and services to refugees in Ireland and advocates for humane and dignified procedures and responses to people fleeing persecution.

The funding from the Foundation was used to strengthen the IRC resources at a time of unprecedented demand for its services arising from the Ukraine war.

ISSU — Irish Second-Level Students Union

The ISSU is the national representative body for school students in the Republic of Ireland and provides a collective voice for second-level students in the country.

The Foundation funded a pilot project to develop and roll out a Climate Action short course for junior cycle students. The ISSU and Education for Sustainability are collaborating in running the pilot programme in a number of schools.


Jigsaw is a leading charity in supporting the mental health of young people in Ireland by delivering therapeutic services and advocating for youth mental health.

Our Foundation has provided funding for Jigsaw Connect to enable the development of an app which will provide a ‘digital front door’ into Jigsaw’s suite of mental health supports for Irish young people.

Rethink Ireland

Rethink Ireland works with partners to support charities and social enterprises across Ireland post the COVID-19 pandemic. The Rethink Ireland Impact Fund for Munster, backed by the Department of Rural and Community Development Dormant Accounts Fund, was aimed at innovative projects promoting health and wellbeing across all ages.

Our Foundation joined a partnership of other philanthropies and private donors to fund 10 innovative projects across Munster supporting physical and mental wellbeing.

SeeBeyondBorders Ireland

SeeBeyondBorders Ireland works in partnership with Cambodian educators to improve learning outcomes for Cambodian children. There is an education crisis in the country arising from the Khmer Rouge Regime.

Our Foundation has provided three-year funding to the Irish organisation to enable it to support SeeBeyondBorders work in Cambodia and to build networks into the Irish education system.