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Who we fund

The Foundation will fund organisations and charities that are well run in terms of financial management and governance, have a deep knowledge of their sectors and can identify programmes to meet current needs and bridge gaps in existing supports. We are particularly interested in partnerships that address child disadvantage, education access and global displacement arising from conflict and climate change.

The following are the areas of focus for our giving:

Resilient Communities

The pandemic has intensified issues around child poverty, education disadvantage, mental health and isolation. We are particularly interested in partnerships that address child poverty, education access in Ireland and global disadvantage arising from war and displacement.
We will support child poverty initiatives that deliver tangible benefits for children and carers, are collaborative, have measurable outputs and do not create a ‘cliff edge’ at the end of a funding programme.

Sustainable Environment

Climate change threatens the wellbeing of humanity. We will play our part in tackling this global issue by:

  • Funding engaged research which can contribute to low-carbon transition.
  • Supporting community programmes around carbon reduction, biodiversity and nurturing the local environment.
  • Supporting initiatives to raise awareness and change behaviour around issues of environment sustainability.

Overseas Development

We will partner with a small number of overseas development agencies to support sustainable development programmes which seek carbon reduction solutions and empower local communities. Our support will be informed by the protection of human rights and dignity, the strengthening of local communities and the development of long term relationships with the agencies and communities we partner.